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Become  An 

Advanced  Esthetician

The only Esthetics school in America with National &

International Certification


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Cidesco Training School.jpg


Corrective Skin Care is for the Esthetician that is dedicated to learning the skin and seeing real results.  While working alongside or in partnership with a physician or physician's assistant, you can become a clinical skin fixer.  From basic peel protocol to laser, you'll learn what it takes to get your client closer to their beauty dreams.



When we say you will learn about Makeup, we weren't joking.  As a MUD Partner School, we have access to award winning and nominated artist training from the best.  From the advanced training makeup Institute MUD, the training is above and beyond.  Makeup Designory is known for its stellar training program.  We will host their 300 hour training program here as a Partner school in three Levels.  To learn more about upcoming dates and training, click below to register or pick as part of your esthetics program. 

Cidesco Training School.jpg


Spa Managers are some of the highest paid in the industry.   Choosing to focus in this area gives you the benefits of being a professional and a boss.  Learn the aspects spa, beauty bar and salon operations.  Marketing through social media and related leadership techniques. Understand hiring, pro retention and much more.



We have teamed up with one of the most respected lash extension company in the world.  With Sugarlash as our training partner, we provide and digital and workshop training program. We have added classic and volume lash training to our basic esthetics training and our Pro Courses.  Learn the details of apply lashes, wrapping, capping, sanitation and sterilization, history and eye disease and care.  You'll learn the specifics of adhesives and how they are made, lashes how to measure for each eye, proper tools, definition, eye shape adjustment, proper styling and lots more.


Esthetics is not just a Career,
It's a Calling!!

The Stepney Institute of Esthetics is dedicated to guiding students on a transformative journey to fulfilling and impactful careers in the esthetics industry.


At The Stepney Institute of Esthetics, we believe esthetics is an art form that allows students to express their creativity through healing and beautifying the body and skin. Our mission is to cultivate the talents and passions of our students, providing them with an intimate, supportive space to learn and grow into confident professionals.


Our hands-on, comprehensive training programs give students the confidence and expertise they need to pursue a passion that is more than just a career - it's a calling.


Our expert instructors pour themselves into each student, helping them unleash their creativity and share their gift of touch with the world. We provide a nurturing yet challenging environment where students are pushed outside their comfort zone to discover what they're truly capable of.


Our graduates don't just get jobs, they find their purpose. They walk across that commencement stage ready to inspire and empower clients through the timeless art of esthetics. They become ambassadors for an industry that is profoundly changing lives every day through touch, trust, and transformation.


We don't just prepare students for a job - we help prepare them to make an impact through the healing power of esthetics. If you have a desire to use your hands and hearts to transform how people see themselves, we'd love to help you achieve your dreams. Join us to embark on your transformational journey.


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