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To get to the heart of the matter, you must appreciate the field itself to understand the impact it can have on your life.  Esthetics should not be seen as an additional field to something else but as a foundational field.  SIEW and its partners are dedicated to providing you with a fun and explorative environment while you are studying. We want you to have the total learning experience!  We combine project based learning with traditional Socratic methodology. Our training facilities are state of the art with online learning and the latest in clinical, lash and makeup training.  Our online training curriculum Stepney will put you at another level and set you apart from other esthetics graduates.  

You will have loads of fun practicing your new skills at the Daisy Door Spa at SIEW.  Look for the Daily Door Spa to premier later this year!! Book today for the Esthetics field you are most interested in and let's get this party Started!!!





Principal and Executive Director

Commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering passion for her craft have helped Charlene Stepney to make a name for herself as the premier esthetics educator in Illinois and Indiana. In addition to being a licensed esthetics educator with three decades worth of experience in the field, she is also the proud owner of multiple successful beauty businesses and the published author of Brow Science, A Professional’s Guide to Brow Design. Charlene’s personal mission is to use her expertise to lead, mentor and encourage the next generation of trained beauty professionals to make their mark on the beauty industry and start successful businesses of their own. 


Charlene was trained in esthetics in 1992 and earned her title as a master educator in 1996. Since then, she has gone on to own a beauty bar, a skincare center and a skincare line, and has taught at some of the top schools in the midwest. She has operated as an instructor, curriculum creator, Campus manager and Advanced Educator. Her specializations include teaching, management, sales, and marketing. She is a natural leader with an eye for opportunity and a knack for increasing the revenue of every business she becomes involved in. Now, she is on a mission to utilize her formidable skill set to benefit esthetics students and the beauty industry as a whole through her latest trailblazing creation, Stepney Institute of Esthetics & Wellness.


Charlene launched the Stepney Institute of Esthetics & Wellness in 2021 with the aim of creating a progressive esthetics education program. Her vision is for the Stepney Institute to serve its students with the innovative methodologies and expert training that they need to launch successful careers in the esthetics, wellness, skincare, and beauty industries. Charlene designed the signature Stepney Institute approach to address the primary need she had as an esthetics student years ago - a need for honest, reliable teaching, presented by industry professionals with tangible training objectives. Ensuring that all students at the Stepney Institute receive a world-class education at the hands of recognized and respected industry leaders. Charlene is not only expanding her own flourishing business empire but also putting real skills in the hands of tomorrow’s estheticians. As the Stepney Institute grows forward, Charlene continues to achieve her bold ambitions by enabling her students to go forth and make pioneering contributions to the global beauty sector. 


School Director

Charlotte comes from a legacy of educators and has been a school administrator for over 25 years.  She is used to working with students from every walk of life and her excellence in structure and organization is just what this program needs for next-generation education.



Education and Legal Counsel

College Professor and Law Partner of Dillard and Noel Law Firm, Jeff brings extraordinary skill and knowledge to SIEW.  His experience with IP, contract, and entertainment law makes him qualified to counsel the corporation into the future.  His experience spans well over 30 years in small business and consultation.

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